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Strawberries With a Kiss

ActorsBryan Cole, Jack Andy

After feeding Bryan strawberries and whipped cream, Jack seals the date with a romantic fuck.

Slippery Sex

ActorsCasey Everett, Mason Lear

With oil dripping down his hole, stud Casey recieves a sensual massage by hot jock Mason before getting fucked.

Tub Fuck

ActorsBryan Cole, Nate Stetson

Hot jock gets a shoulder massage in the tub by handsome daddy before getting his bubble ass fucked.

Pool Table Fuck

ActorsJack Andy, Nate Stetson

Horny daddy gets his dick sucked by his sexy billiards partner then bends him over for a hot, spontaneous fuck.

Cock Worship

ActorsChandler Scott, Ben Tyler

Cute guy gets a sensual rub by twink boyfriend before licking and pounding his ass on the couch.

Pound My Oiled Ass

ActorsChandler Scott, Lex Ryan

Hot daddy gives an oily, erotic massage and fucks his client's ass.

Cumming Down The Drain

ActorsBen Tyler, Lex Ryan

Twink lures thick-dick Daddy into the shower for a hot and steamy fuck.

Step-Brother Tub Play

ActorsAaron Perez, Vinny Blackwood

Two cute latino step-brothers join eachother in a tub fuck.

Wet Prowl

ActorsJustin Beal, Vinny Blackwood

Cute latino gets a daddy cock in his ass after being creeped on in the shower.

Roommate Tub Tease

ActorsArad Winwin, Michael DelRay

Handsome stud Arad Winwin fucks cute jock in the bathtub after seducing him through the shower glass.

Damp Dick

ActorsJackson Cooper, Darian Mazaro

Curious, muscle hottie creeps on his Jock buddy showering and ends up with dick in his ass.