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Hey Let's Wrestle

ActorsColton Steele

Colton and Devin are bored out of their minds chillin by the pool when they start wrestling and man grabbing each other. Colton feels some big poking his butt hole and looks back at Devin. Devin him gives him a slight grin and pulls out an unexpected giant cock....

You Packing Salmon?

ActorsJayden Grey

Jayden met a new boy online and he's packing a big one! His dick is the size of a full grown salmon. Jayden's sweet tight ass hole tightens up just at the sight of it. However I'm sure he want's a taste of that giant cock meat...

Squeal Like a Pig

ActorsGay Violations

Its moments like this that make me not want to go camping or take a walk in the woods casue you never know when a homosexual ganster is going to come up and teach you some prison style bro love. you can see this dude fapping aways then he actually goes in holding his load for this poor bystander...

Smack That Ass

ActorsGay Violations

If you're a cute male and you're laying around in your underwear you best believe you'll get a nice smack on that juicy ass of yours. Just hope you don't catch up and try to kick our ass.

My Boy's Birthday Surprise

ActorsBradley Michaels

Me and my boy went out to Cabo Cobana and celebrate his b-day with a few snacks. Man, by the end of the night we were so worn out. I was wide awake though, went into my buddy's room and attempted to give him his b-day present, my cock his mouth and no commitments.

That Just Wrong

ActorsGay Violations

There are some fucked up people in the world. This dude is about to throw his rubber that's been up some dudes stinky ass onto some guys just chillin minding their own business. Though the do act liked they saw rat run by lol.

Bros Keep Secrets Scouts Honor

ActorsRusty Stevens

Rusty and his boy have been buddies since the scouts. But they have secrets built up that they didn't even know they had. Now they are penis docking and anal tickling each other while man groping this shit out of each other's cocks...

Sweet Man Love Between Bros

ActorsRyan Buckley

Ryan secretly had a crush he never understood for his buddy. Tired of not doing anything about he decided to take the chance and try to get him to fuck. Trying not to get punched out Ryan start sucking on his best friend's wanker...

Violating an ATM

ActorsGay Violations

What is it with throughing used brown condoms around, especially onto a poor defenseless ATM machine?I'm sure they meant to hit the fine ass dude getting cash oubut still! That shit just nasty

No Parking Zone

ActorsGay Violations

Rule number one...dont' get head in a parking lot in broad daylightby your best friend.With paparrazzi everywhere and tubers around the world, you're likely to have you 15mins of fame on the internet...

Awkward Boner Mayhem

ActorsDavid Scott

David Just got home from a party and failed to seal the deal with any chicks. He's horny as fuck and needs to seriously release some man juice. His buddy is relaxing on the couch just acting cool, next thing you know David whips out his wang sticks it in his buddy's mouth while he sticks two fingers up his tight hole...

Bros Before Hoes

ActorsWilliam Vas

William's roommate is all depressed because his girl just broke up with him. Now all he does is lay in bed just wasting his day aways. William as a good friend goes up and gives him a little relief. He starts playing with his balls....