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Bros Before Hoes

ActorsWilliam Vas

William's roommate is all depressed because his girl just broke up with him. Now all he does is lay in bed just wasting his day aways. William as a good friend goes up and gives him a little relief. He starts playing with his balls....

WTF Man!

ActorsGay Violations

Be sure to pay attention as you're running at the park. Some sick bastard might run up behind you pull your shorts down and grab your ball...

Bad Boy Dick Duos

ActorsLee Paine

Lee Paine and his boy love just hanging out in the balcony getting their daily dose of sun. Lee's boy starting getting all weird. He starting rubbing on Lee's balls and shoving his cock deep in his throat. Lee didn't know what was going on but he said fuck it and just went with it...

Guy Loves The Smell of Bro's Balls

ActorsDavid Chase

David's best friend is sunbathing while he goes and makes some fruit drinks. When he comes back he starts getting off on his buddy's hairy chest. David is sooo confused but it feels so right. after jerking off for a couple minutes he decides "fuck it" he's gonna get his dick wet up this dudes butt....

Mathew Gets Wet Broner

ActorsMathew Cage

Mathew is a repressed individual. His whole life he's been trying to act all manly trying to get all the ladies. After some time his frustration catches up with him. He finds his buddy relaxing in his room. Secret spying on him Mathew begins to jerk his man meat. Then he goes for the plunge...

Laundry Day For Tony.

ActorsTony Roc

Tony is doing laundry and his roommate left his fucking clothes in the dryer again. Tony takes his clothes up to his roommates room and finds him only in his underwear laying in bed. Seems he ran out of clothes to wear. Tony starts feeling his cock get rock hard like never before. Tony is about to test his roommates reaction by putting his dick in his roommate's mouth...

Male Bros Dick Dance.

ActorsJr Valance

JR and his buddy just got back from camping and they're ready to pass out and relax a bit. However JR got really close to his buddy during the trip. He's playing with his cock while his buddy lays on the couch. Next thing you know JR is getting perverted by sticking his cock...

Buddy Shows His Affection

ActorsRyan Raz

Ryan fooled everyone at school into thinking he was straight as an arrow but these pics and vids show a whole other gay side to just how straight he REALLY is not!

Bathroom Ball Rubbing

ActorsBrenn Wyson

This guy should have been more careful where he uploaded his video too. His straight friends commented on how they knew he was always gay... and fucking hot!

Plan B After Lady Fail.

ActorsDrake Jaden

It's spring break, Drake and his buddy party all night without luck of finding some hot chicks to fuck. Drake is horny as all hell and need to pinch one of. He's looking at his bud and getting a tingly feeling. He says FUCK IT and goes all in. Lets see how his buddy takes it.

Bros Give Some Love

ActorsTrey Turner

Trey and his buddy are beat from playing some B ball. As Trey goes and washes off he finds himself in heat rubbing on his cock. His buddy come to his thoughts and he gets even hornier. Trey gos to his buddy and starts rubbing his cock and while he tickles his butt hole...