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Body Buffer Blues

ActorsGay Violations

We've known workout trainer Micah for about a year. He says he's straight but for sure he seems a bit gay. I see him checking dudes out at the gym and masturbating to them in the bathrooms. Sick fuck. This time we decided to catch him in the act of his filthy nasty boy habbits...

Where's My Pants?

ActorsGay Violations

The best thing is catching two guys fucking on a parking lot stairwell. Sure I watch for a bit before I had to break these two love doves up. lol, I sure gave them a scare, shit they even ran into the streets without their pants. Lets see how far they get hahahaha....

Oh Yes I like

ActorsGay Violations

The occasional fapper runs into a dude that it totally into it. I guess it a pretty solid way to get laidor get your ass kicked. Everything has pros and cons. In this case, a bit of fapping paid off...

Filthy Nasty Surprise

ActorsGay Violations

We followed this dude through our apartment building on 22nd St. We smeared some choclate syrup on a big back dildo and smacked his face with it. God you should have seen the look on his face...

Narcissistic Camera Whore

ActorsKevin Cavallie

We finally got into Kevin's account after so many weeks of password sniping. We were impressed how he loved the fucking camera. He had so many files of himself jerking off, spreading his ass cheeks and even fingering himself! You should have seen his reaction when we should him what we found...

PEWEE Herman Session

ActorsGay Violations

You know what happens when you jerk yourself off in a public restroom? You find a perverted geezer willing to spank you off with his furry mittens.

My Third Leg

ActorsAiden & Tristan

Aiden Morgan is about to experience the supernatural. His very close friend has a gift that he's about to share with Aiden. As his friend un-zips his pants a nice big flesh of meat pops out as Aiden enters the Big Dick Zone...

Fuck It's Cold

ActorsGay Violations

If you are in a public restroom, don't be hanging out with just your speedos on. This guys just learned his lesson after he got spllashed with ice cold water...

4th floor Please

ActorsGay Violations

Public fapping has become a world wide epidemic. These guys will cum on anyone, anywhere and any how which way!One day these douches are gonna get their asses kicked. Till then...

Going Commando

ActorsGay Violations

This vid is funny as all hell. Dude getting stalked by deviant fucker that wants to catch a glimpse of this lonely guys ball sack. The dude wasn't even wearing any underwear!

Jock Strapped

ActorsGay Violations

When its darka and you're all sweaty from playing baseball is the perfect time for some violation. I almost creamed my pants after I saw this dudes yellow jock strap.

Horny For Girlfriend's Bro

ActorsPark Wiley

Park and his girlfriend just came back from the market. His girlfirend forgot to buy milk so she went back to the store. However, Park want to rub one out before she gets back. What he didn't know was that His girlfriend's brother was there relaxing in the guest room. Park creeps up on him not knowing if this is a good idea but he just goes for it. He whips out his juicy wet cock and spits on his asshole...