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Misbehaving Roommate

ActorsJhonathen Gabriel

Jhonathen's roommate has been acting up lately. He raids the fridge like he bought the groceries. He'll even be loud all night while Jhonathen is trying to relax. This time, jhonathen's roommate is horny and want to fuck. Poor Jhonathen doesn't know what's coming into he's tight butthole...

Did I Interrupt?

ActorsGay Violations

The owner of this press shop was takine video of his place of business for the insurance company. As he's video taping he walks into a man to man ass pounding frenzy between the manager and one of the employess. Lol, their reactions are fucking priceless!

Don't Mind If I Do


Johnathen is a ass hungry sex fiend. He is always masturbating every where he goes and now he's even to creep up on his roommate! His roommate is straight and we will how he will react to another man groping on his ass...

Fap Fap Fap

ActorsGay Violations

Some guys like to play football. Some guys like to play soccer. Other guys like to jerk off in an elevator and wait for some unsuspecting douche to cum on...

Mouth Stuffing Size

ActorsTristan Mathews

Tristan is always looking for the next big thing. He found it. His buddy is packing some serious meat in his pants. Tristan is finally going to get what he wants, a big cock up his sweet ass till he cums all over himself...

Sweet Butt-hole Bro

ActorsJason Crew

Jason Crew is a horny mothafucka. He's been humping everything all day! Now he's found his buddy looking mighty cute in this underwear. After a few minutes massaging his buddy's body, Jason start by getting his dick wet in his buddy's ass hole...

The WEHO Underground

ActorsGay Violations

West Hollywood is a straight man trap. You'll find your occassional straight straying into the gay mans land to suck a dick or two. Its funny how some straight dudes love to either give blowjobs, get fucked in the ass or just jerk a dude off! I think this guy is even wearing his wedding ring...

Taco Tuesdays

ActorsLex Sabre

Today I was in the mood for some Mexican. So I went online and found this dude on chat. After a while of sex chatting I managed to steal his account password and get all his dirty fucking pics of him cumming on himself and fingering his A hole. I got his address and showed him what I found...

Penis With Gravity

ActorsTucker Scott

Tucker lately has been feeling lonely since he broke up with his boyfriend. But he finally found joy when he met his new boytoy with a huge penis at the park. He rides the HUGE cock like a cowboy! even gayer...