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First Jerk Off

ActorsChase Vallon, Nick Milani

Curious tattooed twink walks in on dude masturbating and offers his ass in exchange, only if he can keep a secret.

Stuck Inside On Labor Day

ActorsBilly Santoro, Blake Ellis

Big dick twink seduces daddy with his hairy ass in an American Flag bikini.

Cousin Caught On Shower Spy Cam

ActorsBlake Ellis, Eli Taylor

Twink caught jerking to live spy cam footage of his step cousin while at the family reuinon!

Gay Nanny Caught

ActorsBilly Santoro, Nick Milani

New live-in Nanny masturbates then enjoys a cigarette that sets off smoke alarm. Boss bursts into his room and finds him naked with dildo.

Horny For The Exchange Student

ActorsArad Winwin, Robbie Caruso

Twink's fantasy of getting fucked by his shy foreign exchange roommate comes true.

Resort Massage POV

ActorsMichael Boston, Robbie Caruso

Little guy pampers himself with an in-room spa day and gets his hole worn out by an uncut, hunk massage therapist.

Broken A/C

ActorsArad Winwin, Michael Boston

Temperatures are rising on a hot Summer day and the A/C is out. Clothes come off and dicks get hard when the repair guy's sweaty muscles overheat a thirsty bottom boy.

Better Than VR

ActorsCayden Stone, Trent Summers

Big dick Stepdad convinces his stepson that sex is better in real life than on his VR headset.

Work And Play

ActorsBeau Maddox, Trent Summers

Muscle hunk distracts his big dick accountant with a blowjob and sex under the desk.

Horny At The Gym

ActorsIan Levine

Twink uses impressive bottoms skills to seduce new gym goer into bench sex.

Happy 4th of July

ActorsCayden Stone, Beau Maddox

Studs celebrate Independence Day with sunshine and big loads

In Home Massage Therapy

ActorsMateo Fernandez, Brody Thompson

Massage Therapist gives big dick relaxation therapy to an unsuspecting client.